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Mrs. Virginia Winstead

Mrs. Virginia Winstead,

School Nurse

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1.  Can my child take medications while at school?

Medications will be given at school only when the student's health requires that they be given during school hours.

Prescription medications that are given during school hours require a Physician's signature. A "Permission for Medication" form will need to be completed and on file.

Over-the-Counter (Non-Prescription) medications brought from home also require a "Permission for Medication" form to be completed and on file.

The School Clinic provides a limited variety of over-the-counter medications and first aid supplies. A "Health Information" card will need to be completed before these medications will be administered.

2.  Can my child carry their own medications to school?

Students should not carry their own medications to and from school. A parent is responsible for bringing medications to the school and back home themselves. Students who are found to carry medications are subject to disciplanary action.  This includes prescription and non prescription medications.

An exception to this is inhalers and Epi-Pens. Physician and Parent approval are required to carry an inhaler or Epi-Pen. Also, a "Self Possession" form must be signed by the parent, and on file, for a student to carry their inhaler or Epi-Pen.

All medications must be brought in the original container with the prescription label attached that contains the child's name, medication name and dosage. Over-the-counter medicines must be brought in by the parent in the original, unopened package.

Diabetic students are allowed to carry their diabetic supplies (Glucose tabs, insulin, monitors, etc).